Extend existing project

No matter if it’s a small feature that needs to be developed or a bigger part of your project, if your team face an unfamiliar problem or you simply don’t have enough work force, in any of these cases it’s time to seek for external help to take care of development of the necessary parts. Get in touch, tell about your project and what technology you’re working with!

Create a project from scratch

Being involved in the whole process, starting from design to implementation and testing is especially exciting. Due to the experience I have collected a wide range of skills and, more importantly, knowledge of the newest, most efficient technologies out there. Check my new prokects WebBSC and AFinConnector.

Create MVP based on your idea

Before you even start spending valuable month or even years on building your full featured product, the best choice you can do for your project is to first work on an MVP – minimum viable product. This first core version of your application will allow you to gather your customers’ feedback quickly. This feedback later can be used to analyze and find out which direction your project should move towards in order to be a success. This is a way to save enormous amount of time and money that would be wasted otherwise. If you have an idea for a product, tell about it and your MVP will be brought to reality!