Do you have problems with your database performance?

I offer you configuration, maintenance and performance analyses of Oracle, SQL and NoSQL databases. I’ve collected more than twenty years experiences in development and troubleshooting of Oracle applications, more than fifteen years are we involved in development of SQL Server applications as well as several years of experience with NoSQL solutions such as MongoDB, ElasticSearch or Cassandra. So if you have performance problems with your solution, get in touch. It is possible to set up specific test cases for your load and benchmark them across different solutions to find the best fitting one. If needed, I can, of course, support you to migrate your whole application, or specific parts, to the new database.

Migrate your old MS Access application to a brand new service!

In the last years I’ve migrated several MS Access applications to SQL Server and Oracle. Many companies have started development of their applications using MS Access. The development is quick and in most cases it could be done even by users without special programming skills. However, as the application grows, more and more users work with the application as well as more and more data is collected. This is when weaknesses of such a solution come into sight. For example, concurrent work is not supported and there are issues with the huge amounts of data. In these cases I offer very low-cost projects to transfer the data from MS Access to SQL Server or Oracle database.

Find the best database just for you!

Do you plan a complex application with a high load and many concurrent users? Or maybe your application needs to handle and analyse terra bytes of data. No matter what the case is, it needs an extensive consideration before choosing the most suiting database. Aspects like price and functionality need to be compared to the nature of the data. I can help you in this decision with experience and if necessary analyse possible solutions to find the optimal one.